We pride ourselves in working with over 150 local producers to provide you only the freshest and highest quality produce. Find our farm-to-market products available year-round at any of our Hen House markets and participate in our CSA (Community Support Agriculture) program during the summer months. Find delicious, fresh produce at Hen House – your local market.

Hen House knows that you have a busy life. That’s why we offer you a full line of freshly prepared fruits and vegetables. Cut daily and packaged conveniently, our fresh produce makes feeding last minute visitors, or packing your kids lunches, easy and nutritious.

We’re doing our best to make eating wholesome food and fresh produce easier for you. Our selection of certified organic products and fresh produce help you feed your family products that have been grown according to the strict guidelines necessary for a product to be labeled “Organic”. Nutritious and wholesome, these fresh produce products put flavor on your plate.