Tippin’s Pie

For more than three decades Tippin’s has been a household name in the Kansas City community, bringing families together one pie at a time. Their bakery’s award winning pies, cakes, soups and local baked goods are all available at your local Hen House Market everyday. And don’t forget to try our pie of the month – crafted exclusively for Hen House by your favorite local bakery. So, go ahead and celebrate – you deserve it!

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Fresh Bread from Your Local Bakery

Nutrition and flavor are of utmost importance to Farm to Market bread bakers. That’s why this beloved local bakery never uses preservatives or artificial ingredients when creating the artisan breads that have become a fixture in the Hen House bakery. Baked fresh daily, these high-quality breads will leave your taste buds wanting more.

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Cakes and Cookies

We know freshness is vital to great tasting breads, cookies and cakes, so our master bakers ensure each item is made with only the finest ingredients. Oven-fresh bagels and muffins, Mollie B’s decadent brownies and breads baked fresh daily highlight many items offered in the Hen House bakery.