CSA Vendors

Jisa Farmstead Cheese
Brainerd, NE

Making cheese the traditional way is an art. Lad & Helen Jisa started a dairy farm outside of Brainard with just a few Holstein cows. The dairy now milks over 300 Holstein cows!  The idea to build a cheese factory came about when milk prices dropped and small dairies across the Midwest were struggling to stay afloat. Working with the University of Nebraska, Dave learned how to make cheese. Jisa's Farmstead Cheese became a reality in the spring of 2005 when construction was completed on a 6,000 square foot plant one-half mile north of the Jisa Dairy Farm.

The Grade A whole milk produced from the family’s dairy is used to make the cheese. The milk is trucked less than a mile from the dairy to the plant. It is then pasteurized and cooled before enzymes & culture are added. It takes about 100 pounds of milk makes to make 10 pounds of cheese.  Of course, they have their own special secrets in this process. We can't tell you what these secrets are - but you can taste the difference!