Hereford Beef

Around 300 years ago, the Industrial Revolution of our British friends prompted the Herefordshire, England, farmers to re-think their breeding practices. They needed a line of cattle that was efficient to produce, hardy and adaptable. And most importantly, they needed to be consistently excellent in tenderness, juiciness and flavor. So, here came the Hereford!

Kentucky statesman Henry Clay brought the breed across the ocean to the U.S. in 1817, and everything was great except these cows had skinny hindquarters, where most steaks are cut. Wouldn’t you know it – a couple of local Independence, Missouri, boys, Charles Gudgell and Thomas Alexander “Governor” Simpson, decided to nip this problem in the butt by importing a great Hereford Bull named Anxiety IV in 1881. This big guy with the bad name had an extra wide rear end and thankfully, he was very successful in passing down this steak-friendly trait to his offspring. Anxiety IV became known as the “father of American Herefords,” and 99% of all Herefords today can trace their lineage back to this not-so-buff bovine.

Of course, times change, and when consumers began to want healthier, leaner meats soon after the middle of the twentieth century, our vigilant Hereford breeders listened and quickly adapted the breed to meet that demand. The 1990’s were a breakthrough decade with study after study demonstrating the continued superiority of the hometown Hereford in being hardy, healthy and tasting just heavenly. The branded beef product, Certified Hereford Beef, was calved as an industry benchmark.

In our commitment to bring you the most flavorful, tender and healthiest beef available, Hen House Market carries only Certified Hereford Beef. Our professional butchers are happy to help you select the perfect cuts for your daily meals or your special celebrations. We love knowing that Hen House headquarters is just a steak’s throw from where Anxiety IV began his dynasty. And it is our pleasure to provide you with Certified Hereford Beef at prices that would please the peasants. Bring home the Hereford for your herd today!

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