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Serving the Freshest and Highest Quality local meat for more than 90 years.

Certified Hereford Beef®

USDA Certified
100% Product of U.S.A.
Minimally Processed
No Artificial Ingredients
Midwestern Corn-Fed Vegetarian Diet

Certified Hereford Beef® brings you the safest and best-tasting beef, naturally tender and juicy. And your local Hen House Market is the only retailer in this area that sells it. Learn more about Hereford Beef.

All Natural Chicken

All Natural
No Added Hormones Ever
No Added Antibiotics Ever
Fresh, Never Frozen

Hen House poultry delivers local, fresh flavor and tenderness that can be tasted at each bite. Displaying our fresh poultry on ice allows us to hand select each piece at our customer’s request.