CSA Vendors

Steve Buerge
Grass Fed Beef
Fort Scott, Kansas

Our all natural grass fed beef is produced by Steve Buerge, on his family farm near Fort Scott, KS.  Steve produces a top quality product that exceeds all Good Natured Family Farms guidelines.  The beef is aged and processed in our USDA inspected packing facility in Bronson, KS. Since we own the plant, we are able to influence all aspects of production - from raising the cattle, choosing feed, processing and even delivery. Hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics are never used.  The cattle are fed a vegetarian, all natural diet.  Cattle are raised on grass pastures and then finished as described below.

Steve is proud of his grass fed methods.  He produces a product that follows the true spirit of "grass fed", not just some minimal criteria so that we can pop the "Grass Fed" term on our label.  His cattle are raised on pasture most of their life with a finishing ration the last 60 to 90 days to turn the fat from yellow to white. The finishing ration is a grass type silage consisting of fescue, clovers, lespedeza, sudan grass, immature oats, immature wheat, and immature sorghum silage. All these are harvested with a silage chopper before they dry up and mature with grain and have a protein content of around 9 to 12%. Ideally the various silages have 60% to 65% moisture to create proper fermentation. In addition the finishing cattle receive all the free choice hay they can eat, plus salt and vitamins and minerals.

    If you stop by your local Hen House Market on a Saturday, you might just get a chance to meet Steve in person - and sample some of his delicious beef.  You can also follow him on Facebook.